Louis FAGLIN  Paris -1899

For over a century, the maison has been developing styles for world renowned brands and the archived pieces  have been carefully preserved and stored.  There are over 15,000 pieces of collection designs covering 100 years of cuff link history.  These vintage pieces have been manufactured at the same factory for famous designer names and have not been collected from various places, thus displaying French craftsmanship of over a century in the line of cufflinks.

Most of these exquisite pieces are categorized by the year they were made, in their original velvet display boards.  This is an unpublicized collection which has never seen the spotlight before.

The archives also contain vintage crystals.  In addition to the history of cuff links,  there is much to learn about the history of crystals.  The vintage crystals in Louis Faglin’s archives are a treasure, not only because of the rare colors which travelled through time, but because of their original packaging. The authenticity of the packaging alone portrays the history of these crystals which were later revealed to carry the world famous Swarovski name.

Louis Faglin has travelled in time

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